NeoTradeX is a diverse technological company with broad spectrum of interests from industrial innovations to medical applications and improvements of quality of life.

Our teams focus on meaningful research, innovations, applications and investments in fields of medicine, cosmetics and healthy food applying the most recent knowledge and results. We benefit from close cooperation with world leading producers and top researchers and we are always looking forward to explore and develop the potential of new trends and innovations.


The core of the NeoTradeX company historically comes from Central Europe, we have gradually developed businesses across the globe.

The unique union of experienced economists, seasoned investors, top technological experts and scientific researchers allows us to seek, assess and evolve a diverse range of innovation opportunities.

The implemented research projects and their applications correspond with our main goal - to become the leading player and eminent company in the field of medical care, cosmetic medicine and trends of healthy nutrition. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people through new medical techniques and newly developed medical devices, including an ongoing innovation of these procedures.

The most recent key parts of our portfolio are application of the latest anti-aging system, wound-healing solutions, healthy food, expansion and education of alternative and preventative methods of fighting various illnesses oriented on correct nutrition and dietary supplements as well as hi-tech services in cosmetic and corrective laser surgery.


In coordination with leading experts and companies, we do our best to unveil and foster projects and ideas which will help our world to become healthier and more sustainable. We actively conduct the strategic planning and help with staging as well as with financing of these projects.

Some examples of our recent projects would be laser surgery aplications, healing gel inovations or food complements and healthy cereal bars distribution in Vietnam.

If you are looking for a professional help or simply for an investor to secure your project, we are here to share our expertise and be your reliable partner. Contact us and we will arrange a personal or virtual meeting.


Hanoi Office:
NeoTradeX Co. Ltd.
No. 103
Nui Truc lane, Nui Truc street
Ba Dinh district
Hanoi, Vietnam